A space to reconnect.

Reconnect with nature and your inner self at Raven’s Perch, a sanctuary in Winlaw, British Columbia dedicated to exploring a healthy, sustainable way of living.

About Us Stay Here

Hi, we’re Martha and Steve

Hello! We are Martha and Steve (and kitties Max and Gracie) and we are the owners Raven’s Perch in Winlaw, BC. In the fall of 2018, we stumbled across this magical piece of land that has a cedar forest, a creek, an open field and an upper wooded bench. Thankfully we were completely unaware what is involved in developing raw land with zero utilities, or else we may not have purchased it!

Only when we are quiet and away from the busyness of our life are we able to hear what our inner voice, our higher self, our soul, is whispering – or screaming – to us.

The Nest

Stay with us.

Also on the property we have a vacation rental – it is a tiny home we’ve called The Nest. It is a beautiful small home nestled into the forest: the perfect place to retreat and be quiet. Learn more about the property!

The Nest AirBnb
A break is not a sign of weakness but a bold step towards rejuvenation.

The Farm

Through the Young Agrarians land matching program we have connected with Ryan, a young farmer who has just completed his third year farming the land. We are so thrilled for him and excited to see how his business grows!

Emerald Grove