Willow Tree Yoga

“Feel the sunshine on your skin, a lotus flower blossoming. Your journey is your offering. You are here for a reason.” Aisha Badru

All classes are offered at Bindu Studio in Winlaw

  • Hatha Yoga – Classes offered Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9:30 – 10:45. The Monday morning class is gentle and restorative, while Wednesday morning is more active and stimulating. All classes are suitable for beginners. These offerings are drop-in at Bindu Studio – 5676 Winlaw Bridge Rd, Winlaw.
  • Yoga for Mobility and Strength – suitable for all levels, the class will be limited in size so that I may provide more focused attention on the various needs of the students present. Please contact me for more information (yogamar9@gmail.com)
  • Private Sessions – I offer private sessions at my home in a small but warm and comfortable studio. Please contact me for more information (yogamar9@gmail.com)

Through asana practice, meditation and breath awareness, it is my intention to create a space for each individual to come to their own realization of Yoga’s power to bring balance and wholeness to oneself.  I am passionate about being able to share my knowledge and Yoga experience in an atmosphere that encompasses compassion and caring while bringing a sense of humor and joy into the practice. In a world that keeps trying to draw us outside of ourselves, I believe restorative yoga and breath work encourages moments of stillness, of quiet, and of listening to our intuition so that we may all be of service to our greater communities, in whatever form that may take. We can only be of true service to one another when we first take care of our own wellbeing.

Guided Meditations

Meditations are available on my YouTube channel. I’d love for you to check them out and if you like what you hear give it a thumbs up and subscribe! Also, I’d love your feedback.

One style of meditation that I offer is Yoga Nidra. It is an empowering meditation that starts with relaxation – one hour of yoga nidra equals four hours of natural sleep. This deep meditation literally changes the ‘fluctuations of the mind’ by slowing down brain wave frequencies. In this class we will start with some gentle movements to bring us into our bodies and present in the moment. Next, we’ll settle onto our mats in a savasana position, lying on our backs. It’s important to be comfortable so be sure to bring warm clothes and if you have an eye pillow that can also add to your experience.

A few known benefits of a Yoga Nidra practice include:

Deep skeletal-muscular relaxation
Balance of the nervous system and increase the production of endorphins,
Lower levels of immunosuppressants, noradrenaline and cortisol
Stress relief, depression, anxiety, insomnia, headache, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, hypertension
Development and use of non-analytical mind for personal growth purposes
Increased learning capabilities, memory, intuition, creativity
Expansion of altered states of mind


Certified Yoga Teacher
250-hour Yoga Training completed in 2008 (Moksana Yoga Centre, Victoria BC)

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