Purr-fect Peace: Why Cat Owners Should Practice Meditation

We all know the stereotypes about cats versus dogs. When you come home, even after just five minutes, your dog greets you with boundless enthusiasm—tail wagging, tongue out, as if you’ve been gone for years. Cats, on the other hand, might—if you’re lucky—acknowledge your return with a slow blink. If you’ve been away for more than eight hours, expect a chilly reception unless it’s meal time.

I adore all animals, but as a current cat parent of two, I often find myself needing to take deep breaths to cope with their… unique… behaviours. Here are my thoughts on why, as a cat owner, meditation is essential.

As a cat parent you need to meditate because…

  1. You need to embrace the lesson of rejection your cat teaches you daily, when you go in for the cuddle and they push you away with a firm paw to the face. Remember, it’s not personal; they’re just exercising their feline superiority.
  2. You need to cope with your cat’s sudden bursts of energy at 3 AM, transforming your home into a midnight racetrack.
  3. You need to help yourself stay calm when your cat walks away from the $5 can of food you just placed in front of them, even though the day before they couldn’t get enough of it.
  4. You need to achieve inner peace while you observe your cat choosing the expensive rug to throw up hairball… when the hardwood floor is right there.
  5. You need to accept your cat’s unique approach to interior decorating, which often involves knocking items off shelves.
  6. You need to maintain serenity when your cat decides that your favorite chair is their new scratching post.
  7. You need to practice mindfulness to savor those rare moments when your cat decides to cuddle, instead of plotting your demise.
  8. You need to practice patience when your cat wants to play the “in out” game (check out the song “The In and Out Song” by Garrison Keillor)
  9. You need to work on retail therapy, knowing that when you buy your cat a toy, they are going to prefer the box in which you brought the toy home.

At the end of the day, while our cats might not greet us with wagging tails or sloppy kisses, their mysterious and often aloof nature brings something special and unique to our lives.

By embracing meditation, we can transform potential frustrations into moments of calm and even humour. So, next time your cat ignores you or gives you that judgmental stare, take a deep breath, smile and who knows maybe one day, your cat will join you in a peaceful meditation session. After all, they’re the true masters of focus and mindfulness.

Namaste, and meow-maste.